Natural Cocoa Powder

Quality – 25kg

Standard – 25kg

Brazilcoa products are packaged in 25 kg bags, identified by batch number and expiration date.

For superior flavors

Natural Cocoa is obtained from cocoa cakes after the industrial process, which guarantees a characteristic aroma and flavor.

Ideal application for each product



Ice Cream



Organoleptic Properties

Appearance: Fine powder without granules

Flavor: characteristic

Odor: characteristic

Color: light brown

Physical and Chemical Properties

Moisture: 5% (maximum)

PH: from 5.0 to 6.0

Fat Content: 10 – 12%

Granulometry (#200 mesh): 99 – 100%

It’s possible that the shade of the product as seen on the website may vary from the actual product, due to brightness settings on different devices such as computers and phones.

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